Welcome to Peniel Beach Hotel

Our Beaches

Come and have fun from a destination that offers a combination of natural beauty, safety, and amenities to provide an enjoyable experience for visitors. Below are some of the fundamental qualities that makes our beach extremely attractive.

Reasons why you should visit us

  • Clean water and sand coupled with regular maintenance and cleanliness efforts to create a pleasant environment for beachgoers.
  • Safe swimming conditions too are an attribute of clear waters and this too is supplemented by lifeguards on duty at all times with clearly marked areas for safe swimming.
  • A picturesque setting with natural beauty, such as clear blue waters, sandy shores, and scenic surroundings, is a hallmark of Coco beach.
  • Adequate safety measures, including warning signs for strong currents or hazards, first-aid stations, and life-saving equipment, are crucial for visitor safety.
  • Access to restrooms, changing rooms, showers, and shaded areas significantly enhance the comfort of beachgoers.